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The Society of Motion Imaging strives to enhance the professionalism and technical standards of the motion imaging industries and to strengthen Hong Kong's position as a production center of film and television.


The Society of Motion Imaging endeavours:


  1. To promote the unity, cooperation and networking of motion imaging sectors.                                                 

  2. To support the local motion imaging industries and stakeholders by organizing professional   technical forums, seminars, workshops, trainings, exhibitions, and conducting certification examinations.

  3. To cooperate with local and overseas educational institutions and trade associations in developing professional training courses.

  4. To support local events relating to motion imaging and participate in overseas trade shows.

  5. To introduce and disseminate the latest adopted international standards relating to motion imaging to local professionals.





  1. ​推動影像行業的團結協作和聯絡工作。

  2. 通過組織專業技術論壇、研討會、工作坊、培訓、展覽和籌辦認證考試,以支援本地的影像行業和有關持份者。

  3. 與本地和海外教育機構和行業團體合作舉辦專業培訓課程。

  4. 支持本地有關影像行業的活動,並參加海外業界展覽會。

  5. 向本地專業人士介紹和宣傳最新採納有關影像制式的國際標準。

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